Check and Account Resolution Service (CARS)

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The CARS program provides a quick and inexpensive way for you to resolve a dispute about a dishonored check or past-due account. The CARS program provides an out-of-court meeting rather than a formal court proceeding to settle the dispute. A neutral third party from the Small Claims Division is present at this meeting and provides assistance in reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. For any questions or concerns regarding the CARS program, please contact 614-645-8611.

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer dispute resolution. Neutral mediator, court notice and reminder calls, participate in-person, by phone, or by mobile device.  First request free; flexible scheduling, resolve without litigation.   $15 per mediation request, fee recoverable from respondent. 614-645-8611

Request a CARS Mediation


There is a $15.00 fee for each individual or business from whom you wish to collect. The $15 fee is required prior to the court-mailed notice. The CARS Mediation Request Form and a check can be submitted by mail or in person to the address below.

Please send a check made out to "Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk" (include your business name and "CARS" in the memo):

Franklin County Municipal Court

CARS Program

375 S. High St. 16th Floor, Small Claims Division

Columbus, OH 43215


A minimum of two weeks is required to allow sufficient time to prepare and mail notice form(s) for each requested meeting. You will receive courtesy copies of these notices.

CARS staff will continue to communicate with you regarding the status of your scheduled meeting(s). At times, following communication with the party from whom you wish to collect, it may be necessary to reschedule a mediation. Every effort will be made to accommodate each party if rescheduling is necessary.

After the CARS process has been initiated, a party will often choose to settle the past due account or dishonored check with you directly prior to the scheduled meeting. In such cases, CARS staff will coordinate with you to determine whether or not it is appropriate to cancel the scheduled mediation.

If the scheduled mediation is conducted and the parties reach agreement, CARS staff will help prepare the written agreement. Each participant in the meeting will receive a copy of the agreement.