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Continuance Request.pdf

Small Claims Hearing Continuance Request

Starting A Small Claims Lawsuit

Complaint Form

You will need to file 1 original and 3 copies of the Complaint Form and one completed Civil Cover Sheet.

Multiple Plaintiffs and Defendants Fillable Form.pdf

Additional Parties

Use if you have multiple Plaintiffs or Defendants.

Instructions for Service.pdf

Service Instructions

Service Instructions tell the clerk how to serve the other party (Certified or Bailiff Service).

Amended Complaint Printable.pdf

Amended Complaint

This form is for any changes to your original Complaint. You will need to file 1 original and 3 copies. You must also complete the "Instructions to the Clerk."

Instructions to the Clerk.pdf

Instructions to the Clerk

This form is used for updating a defendant's address for completing service, filing an Amended Complaint, requesting service, or filing a motion.

Responding To A Lawsuit

Counterclaim Printable.pdf


If you are being sued, you may use this form to file a claim against the person that sued you.

Cross-claim Printable.pdf


A party in a lawsuit may use this form to file a claim against another party. For example, a defendant may use this form to file a cross-claim against another defendant in the same case.

Third Party Complaint Printable.pdf

Third-Party Complaint

A party being sued may use this form to file a claim against someone that is not currently in the lawsuit but who may be responsible for any court judgment.

After Trial

Objection to Magistrates Decision Fillable.pdf

Objection to Magistrate's Decision

This form asks the court to change the magistrate's decision.

Request for Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law.pdf

Request for Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Request for findings of fact and conclusions of law if not contained in the written decision.

Motion Fillable Blank.pdf

Blank Motion Form

This blank motion form may be used to ask the court to take a certain action in a case.

Satisfaction of Judgment Form.pdf

Satisfaction of Judgment

This form is used by the Judgment Creditor to show the court that the Judgment has been paid or is otherwise satisfied.

Cetificate of Service.pdf

Certificate of Service

This form shows that a copy of a court filing was sent to the opposing party.

Collecting Your Small Claims Judgment

If you won a judgment in Small Claims Court the following forms may help you collect your judgment.

Please see Guide to Collecting Your Small Claims Judgment for information about the various methods a winning party can use to collect a judgment.

Collections Information.pdf

Collections Checklist

Instructions for collection methods, also known as the "Orange Book."

Judgment Interest Calculator

Instructions to the Clerk.pdf

Real Estate Lien

If the Judgment Debtor owns a home or land, you can get a judgment lien on his or her real estate.

Instructions to the Clerk.pdf

Driver's License Suspension

If your judgment was awarded because the Judgment Debtor operated a motor vehicle negligently, and it has been at least 30 days since you got your judgment, you may get the Debtor’s Ohio driver’s license suspended.

Instructions to the Clerk.pdf

Cash Drawer Attachment

If your judgment is against a business that regularly has cash on its business premises.

Motion For Oral Examination.pdf

Motion for Oral Examination

A Judgment Creditor may use this form to ask the court to order the Judgment Debtor to appear in court to answer questions under oath about the Debtor's property, earnings, and other assets.

Motion for Written Questionnaire Fillable Printable.pdf

Motion for Written Questionnaire

A Judgment Creditor may use these forms to require the Judgment Debtor to answer pre-written questions about the Debtor's assets and liabilities.

Order to Permit Funds and Conditional Entry and Release.pdf

Order to Pay Judgment to Court

If funds are paid to the court to satisfy a judgment, but the Judgment Creditor has not collected the funds, a Judgment Debtor may file this document to release the garnishment.

Release from Garnishment.pdf

Satisfaction and Release of Garnishment

The Judgment Creditor files a satisfaction of judgment once the judgment has been paid. The release of garnishment form ends a garnishment.

Revivor Form and Entry.pdf

Motion to Revive Dormant Judgment

Motion and Entry to Revive a Dormant Judgment .