Service and Address Updates

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Instructions to the Clerk.pdf

Plaintiff's Request for Service to a New Address

Use this form if service for a defendant was not returned to the court or was not successful. A new hearing will be scheduled.

Complete the case information at the top, select your service type (mark certified or bailiff) and enter the new address on the bottom left of the form. Mail or hand-deliver your form to the Clerk of Court with the court cost.

Instructions for Service.pdf

Service Instructions (Certified Mail or Bailiff Service)

Use this form along with the Instructions to the Clerk form to let the court know what type of service you are requesting.

Address Update.pdf

Update Your Own Address with the Court

If you would like to update your own address with the court please complete the Address Update form and either mail or hand-deliver it to the court.

There is no court cost to update your own address.

What is service of process and why is it necessary?

Service of process is the delivery of the complaint to the defendant. When a complaint is filed the court sends the complaint to the defendant at the address you provide. Service of process notifies the defendant of the lawsuit and the court hearing date. A case cannot move forward without service of process. You must obtain successful service on a defendant within six (6) months of the date you file your complaint. If you do not obtain service within this time period, the Court will dismiss your case and you will have to file a new case.

Where can I find names and addresses in order to complete service?

There are many ways to find names and addresses. You can look in the telephone book, search Internet sites like the White Pages, Facebook, County Auditor (for property records) and court sites like the Franklin County Municipal Court (first name and last name required). You may also contact the Ohio Secretary of State to find out if a business is a corporation with a statutory agent authorized to receive court service.

What are the service options?

There are several ways to serve a party. The first method is service by certified mail. For this method, the clerk mails a copy of the summons and complaint to the other party. The second method is personal service. If personal service is requested a Court Bailiff will physically deliver the summons and complaint to the defendant. The third method, residence service, is also completed by a Court Bailiff. The Court Bailiff personally leaves a copy of the summons and complaint at the usual place where the defendant lives. The person who receives the service must be an adult (18 years or older).

The filing fee includes one type of service for up to three defendants. You will be charged additional service fees for each additional defendant and/or address. If you request more than one type of service there will be additional service fees based on the current court fee schedule.

If service of process by certified mail is refused or unclaimed, and the certified mail is returned, the clerk will notify you or the attorney that represents you by mail. If you waive this notification on your complaint, the clerk will skip the notification and send a copy of the summons and complaint by ordinary mail to the defendant at the address that you provided.

Your case status, including whether notice and summons was served on the defendant(s) and your hearing date, is available online at Enter your case number or your name to view your case information.